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3 tests, 3x 1st Prize! Julie and Iita (Barbwired Bella Bambina) rocked it in the forest! Iita has now earned her Swedish Blood Tracking Championship (SEVCH)!

She is the 3rd “puppy” from our “B” litter and 6th “puppy” from MultiCh/Winner Taxette’s Isla Margarita to achieve this distinction.

Barbwired Bella Bambina “Iita” passed her blood tracking aptitude test and received 1st prize in Open class tracking in Sweden! Congrats to Iita and handler Julie!

Success for the Barbwired Boys in Sweden!

Barbwired Andau “Viljo” is now Swedish and Finnish Tracking Champion (SEVCH & FI JVA)

Barbwired Amadeus “Max” is now Swedish Tracking Champion and Finnish Show Champion (SEVCH & FI MVA)

Barbwired Blaze of Glory “Pronto” is now Swedish Tracking Champion and Finnish Show Champion (SEVCH & FI MVA)

Congrats to the 3 newest Champions from Kennel Barbwired!

Max Viljo Pronto

Left to Right: Amadeus, Andau, Blaze of Glory


15.06.2015: Big Congrats go to Barbwired Andau “Viljo” for the great success on his final tracking trial, earning him the title of Finnish Blood Tracking Champion (FI JVA/ FI TCH)!! Not only is Viljo now a champion, but in his final track he earned 46/50 points and was the best dog in trial.


02.05.2015: Blood tracking season has begun and Viljo and Janne started off with a bang! In Karvialla, 
Barbwired Andau received the results of VOI1 with 46 points and was also the fastest (27min) and best dog of the test!  We hope for the next test to be just as successful. Congrats again Janne and Viljo! Keep it up!

Barbwired Champagne received her 3rd 1st prize in Open class blood tracking in Sjöbo, Sweden on 12.03.2015, resulting in her first title: Swedish Blood Tracking Champion!

Big Congratulations to Liina and Julie!


  • 01.03.2015: Barbwired Champagne received a 1st prize (AVO-1) in her second open class trial in Höleröd, Sweden! Congrats Liina and Julie!!

Keep up the great work!


  • 25.02.2015: Barbwired Champagne at the age of 10 months received a 1st prize (AVO-1) in her first open class trial with the fantastic time of 18 minutes.

Congrats to Liina and Julie


  • Barbwired Champagne passed her Anlagstest for blood tracking in Sjöbo, Sweden at the age of 9 months! Congrats Liina!  Now on to open class tracking trials. 

Liina white background


  •  Barbwired Andau “Viljo” practicipated in his first hunting (MÄAJ) trial in Vesilahti, Finland on the 18th of November. Viljo had a great run, despite being kicked by the deer, and earned himself a 1st prize with 68,17 points! Congratulations to Janne and Viljo!



  • Barbwired Better than the Rest received his 3rd 1st prize in Open class blood tracking in Lövestad, Sweden. This track resulted in  a new title: Swedish Blood Tracking Champion (SEVCH)!! Congrats to Simon & Baxter on the fantastic result!


  • Barbwired Andau received 46 points (highest points for the day) and a VOI-1 result in Vekaranjärvi, Finland! 30 dogs took part in this tracking trial and we couldn’t be happier with Viljo’s performance. Big congrats to Viljo and Janne for the wonderful work!

Viljo and trophy

  • Barbwired Better than the Rest barked his way to a Kvalitet 2 (LUTD) on badger during a test hosted in Marieholm, Sweden. Good boy Bax.
  • Barbwired Better than the Rest received 1st prize in open class blood tracking in Sjöbö, Sweden. Congrats Baxter & Simon! Keep it up!


  • Gordon Forte-Forte de Buch de la Perouse completed his anlagstest and 3x open class tracks in Skåne, Sweden, all in 1st prize and earning him the title of Swedish Tracking Champion (SE(V)CH)! Good job Gordon!!


  • Barbwired Andau passed AVO-1 in Karvia, Finland with a fantastic score of 48/50 points! With 2 first prizes, he can now move into the more advanced-VOI- tracking tests. Congrats to Viljo and Janne!

Barbwired Andau tracking trophy

  • Barbwired Andau passed AVO-1 in Janakkala, Finland with flying colors! 1st Prize 43/50 points. Congrats Viljo!

Janne & Viljo

  • Barbwired Better than the Rest passed his Anlagstest for blood tracking in Vedema, Sweden. Now on to open class tracking trials. Congrats Baxter!


  • Gordon Forte-Forte de Buch de la Perouse passed PIKA1 in Finland (multiple trial for mini and rabbit dachshunds) and earned his Working class certificate. Congrats Gordon!

Gordon PIKA

  • Barbwired Better than the Rest (Taxette’s Isla Margarita x Apollo della Val Vezzeno) passed working trials this year in 3 countries:

Germany: Sfk & Sp (gun steadiness & Rabbit trailing “spurlaut”) as well as BHP-G (Companion dog exam) with best dog in trial (tagessieger)

Bax BHPG spurlaut

Switzerland: Watertest (WaT) with full points


Italy: 40 hr aged blood tracking (SchwhK/40), 1st prize & 2nd place in trial

Bax trackingboys italy 2013

  • Barbwired Austria passed LUTB and VOI2 test in Finland!

Congrats to all and keep up the good work!!!

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