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05&06.12.2015 Winner shows Helsinki, Finland:

Gordon Forte-Forte de Buch de la Perouse: Exc

Barbwired Champagne- 2x Exc, CQ

Barbwired Diatto- 2x Exc

Barbwired Dolce Gusto- 2x Exc, CQ

24&25.10.2015 Panevezys, Lithuania:

Barbwired Austria- Exc1, CAC, N(Winner),BOS, ->New Lithuanian Champion
Barbwired De Tomaso- Exc1, 2xjN(Winner), 2xjBOB, BOS-> New Lithuanian Junior Champion!
Barbwired Champagne- 2xExc1, 2xN(Winner), 2xBOB

03.10.2015-NDS Tuulos, Finland, judge I. Naarits (EE):
Barbwired Diatto “Väinö”: Exc. & CQ and BM4
Barbwired Champagne “Liina”: Exc. & CQ, BB1, CERT and BOS!

Liina Prizes Markku and Liina

Barbwired Bella Bambina (Iita) and Barbwired Better than the Rest (Baxter) were shown at the autumn club show for the Hallands Taxklubben in Tvååker, Sweden; judge J. Myrman (SE). Baxter in Champion class received: Ex, CK, BM2 & Iita in working class received: Exc, CK, BF3! With these results, Iita is now Swedish Champion! Thanks to Julie for showing and hosting Iita!

12122846_10153688127202302_8108429653965028739_n 12063757_10103513142940283_1796159510442812321_n

Barbwired Bella Bambina (Iita) was awarded Excellent 1, CERT, BOB in Pieksämäki, Finland today under judge Juha Lehtinen. This was the 3rd and final CERT needed for Iita’s FICH! Congrats Marja and Iita! Now to the woods for the required trials. 


Barbwired Better than the Rest (Baxter) was on show tour in April and May. Baxter received great critiques and had an outstanding track record:

12xCAC, 2x resCACIB, 4x CACIB, 2x BOS, 5x BOB, 2x BOG2, 2x BOG1

(judges: B. Georgieva (BG), I Colaric (HR), Dr. N. Šurbatovic (SRB), A. Szutkiewicz (PL), S.Szabo (HU), C. Vantu (RO), C. Zeniou (CY), Massimiliano Manucci (IT), A. Komoroski (DE), A Ostrowski (PL), A. Zeppi (IT), E. Misic (SRB))

earning him ROCH, RSCH, RSGrCH, and finished his WUTCH, C.I.B., and C.I.E.!

Many, many thanks go to Baxter’s amazing and dedicated handler Nikos Papadopoulos for the excellent care and showing of Baxter!

BAX BIG2 11160159_951058154934477_444939174_n Bax in Romania

Skåne-Blekinge Taxklubb Dachshund Show (133 entered dogs):

Judge: C. Pettersson (SE)

Barbwired Champagne (mw)

  • From Junior class: Exc1, CK, JBOB, CERT, BB1, BOS, JBIS-4

Liina Kjugekull 2015 


Kronobergs Taxklubb Dachshund Show:

Judge: I. Kyrklund (SE)

Barbwired Champagne (mw)

  • From Junior class (11 months): Exc1, CK, CERT, BB2

Barbwired Better than the Rest

  • Exc, BM4 in Jaktklass (of 11 males)



INT Jyväskylä, 8.11.2014: Judge S. Zeferino, Portugal (39 SWs)
Barbwired Bella Bambina, Exc1, CAC, CACIB and BOS!

Iita BOS

Big Congratulations to Barbwired Bella Bambina on BOS!

prizes kuopio


Kuopio International 3 day show; (1-3.08.2014)

Gordon: 3x CACIB, 2x BOS, 1x BOB, 1x BIG3

Pronto: 3x Exc, 2x CQ-BM3, 1xCAC,1x Res.CAC, 1xRes. CACIB

*** Pronto now has all the required show results for the Finnish Championship!! Congrats Pronto!***

A big thank you goes to the judges that appreciated our dogs: D. Rutten, W. Wellens(Standard & Mini Wires ), M. Inzoli(Standard Wires), & T. Pehar (Mini wires)

Tvååker, SE; Inter. (11.7.2014)

Judge: S.Lepasaar

  • Gordon: Ex 1, CK, BM1, CERT, CACIB, BOS –> New Swedish CH, Nordic CH, CIB, CIE!!!
  • Baxter: Ex1

gordon tvaaker

Pöytyä Nat. (15.6.2014)

Judge: Perttu Ståhlberg

Pronto BOS

Gordon BIG3

Kotka Int. (14.6.2014)

Judge: Pekka Teini


Pöytyä, Finland (8.06):

Judge: M. Lepasaar

  • Pronto: Ex
  • Gordon: Ex1, CQ, BOB, BIG-1,  BIS-2

Gordon BIS2


Kjugekull, Sweden (18.05):

Judge: A. Johansson

  • Baxter: Ex 1, CK, BM2, CERT

Baxter 2 years

Panevezys, Lithuania (23.02):

  • Gordon: Ex 1, CAC Best Male, BOB, BIG-1, BIS-3
  • Iiris: Exc1 Vet-CAC, Best Vet
  • Iita: Exc 1 CAC
Photo by Laima Ežerskiene.

Photo by Laima Ežerskiene.


Valmiera, Latvia (22.02):

  • Gordon: Ex 1, CAC Best Male, BOB, BIG-3
  • Iiris: Exc1 Vet-CAC, Best Vet, BIS Vet-5
  • Iita: Exc 1 CAC
Iiris & Gordon with their prizes in Latvia

Iiris & Gordon with their prizes in Latvia



Group Show Joensuu, Finland

Judge: T. Savolainen

Barbwired Bella Bambina “Iita”: Exc 1, BB1, CAC, BOB


Group Show Miehikkälä, Finland

Judge: H. Jokisilta

Barbwired Blaze of Glory “Pronto”: Exc 1, BM1, CAC, BOB, BIG-2

Gordon Forte-Forte de Buch de la Perouse “Gordon”: Exc1, BM1, BOB, BIG-4

Taxette’s Isla Margarita “Iiris”: Exc1, BB2, Vet BOS

Blaze and Gordon


Kaunas Winter Winner show (LT)

Judge: T. Romanovskaja (BY)

  • Iiris: Exc1, Vet CAC, BOB Kaunas Winter Veteran Winner
  • Baxter: Exc1, CAC, BOS Kaunas Winter Winner
  • Ollie: Exc1, CAC/J, Junior Winner

iiris baxter LT

Kika Trophy show (LT)

Judge: J. Butkiene(LT)

  • Iiris: Exc1, Vet CAC, BOB, BIG-2

Iiris BIG 2

With these results, Iiris also became LT-VetCH!


Helsinki & Finnish Winner Shows, Finland (13&15.12.2013)

Judges: P. Stahlberg & C. Montefusco

  • Gordon: BM2, CAC, resCACIB (will change to CACIB) “Vice-Helsinki Winner”, Finnish Winner CQ BM4
  • Iiris: 2x Exc (Veteran class) CQ
  • Iita: 2x Exc, 1x CQ & res CAC (BB4)

Gordon Helsinki

Double CACIB Shows Wels, Austria (07&08.12.2013)

Judges: M. König (Ö) & Dr. R. Schäfer

  • Baxter: 2x Exc1, 2x CACA, 1x resCACIB

baxter Wels


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