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C.I.B., WUT Ch, FI Ch, LU Ch, DE (VDH) Ch, SEVCh, CH Ch, Ö Ch, EE Ch, LT Ch, IT WCh, Ö KS 2010, CH LS 2011


Aura Stand

Aura tracking Italy        Aura and Rose







D.O.B: 17.02.2008
Reg#: FIN24042/08  (Pedigree/sukutaulu)

Breeder: Dr. M. Varjosalo- Kennel Barbwired

Rating: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BISS-1

Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) Free and PRA-Cataract Free (Eyes tested 09/2012)

Aura is an ideal dachshund size, 8 kg (41cm chest), for doing work both above and below the ground. She is a very passionate working dogs and has completed trials in several countries and multiple disciplines, including two working championships. Aside from working trials, Aura has had a very successful show career with several wins and championships from around Europe and the International Beauty Title (CIB). In addition, Aura is very much a people loving dog that is just as at home on the sofa as in the show ring or out in the field.

More information about Aura’s parents:

54 years of Dachshund breeding under Suddebok/Kobeddus and 390 puppies and 80 dogs across Europe that are champions of work and/or beauty. Suddebok Voronoff is a father of 17 champions of work or beauty. Voronoff himself has results from multiple working trials Sp, BhfK/F, BhfK/H, SchwhK and was actively used in hunting under and above ground. He is also people friendly.

Taxette’s Isla Margarita:
Iiris has had two litters, and out of 11 puppies 6 have been awarded CACs (5 with CACIB). Iiris herself has results from working trials in Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Italy. In Finland Iiris has taken part in fox trials (LUT B42, hyväksytty luonnonluolantarkastus), and she was awarded SE WCh after three 1st prices in blood tracking. When we were living in Switzerland Iiris passed Water retrieving –test (Wassertest, VERI) with full points! In Italy Iiris did excellent work with fox trial (Fbja) and 40 hours blood tracking (SchwhK/40; MEJÄ 40 tuntia) and was awarded with IT WCh. Additionally, Iiris was character tested in Switzerland and approved for breeding both Switzerland and Finland.


Finland: LUTB & VOI2

Switzerland: WaT (watertest)

Germany: BhFK/95

Austria: Spurlaut 100 pts 1st prize

Sweden: Blood tracking (Swedish Tracking Champion- SE(v)CH)

Italy: Fox Trial (FBJA & BHFK95) and 20h & 40h Blood tracking (3x CACT, Italian Working Champion (IT WCh))


Aura is the mother of our “C” litter.


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