What a week for Barbwired dogs!

Our dogs really shined this week in shows in Lithuania and Finland.

At the Kaunas Winter Winner show Taxette’s Isla Margarita (Iiris), Barbwired Better than the Rest (Baxter), and Alpheratz Oh My God (Ollie) were all extremely successful earning the ratings:

Judge: T. Romanovskaja (BY)

Iiris: Exc1, Vet CAC, BOB Kaunas Winter Winner

Baxter: Exc1, CAC, BOS Kaunas Winter Winner

Ollie: Exc1, CAC/J, Junior Winner

The next day at the Kika Trophy show in Lithuania, Iiris repeated her stellar performance and kept on going-

Judge: J. Butkiene(LT)

Iiris: Exc1, Vet CAC, BOB, BIG-2

In addition, Iiris earned the title of Veteran Champion Lithuania! Congrats Iiris!!

iiris baxter LT          Iiris BIG 2

The next weekend was even better for our kennel with Barbwired Bella Bambina (Iita), Barbwired Blaze of Glory (Pronto), Taxette’s Isla Margarita (Iiris), and Gordon Forte-Forte de Buch de la Perouse (Gordon) giving outstanding performances in Finland.


Show: Group Show Joensuu, Finland

Judge: T. Savolainen

Iita: Exc 1, BB1, CAC, BOB

Show: Group Show Miehikkälä, Finland

Judge: H. Jokisilta

Pronto: Exc 1, BM1, CAC, BOB, BIG-2

Gordon: Exc1, BM1, BOB, BIG-4

Iiris: Exc1, BB2, Vet BOS

Congrats to all the dogs and their owners!!

Blaze and Gordon

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