Barbwired E litter now 5 weeks

The Barbwired “E” boys are now over 5 weeks old and aside from a photo shoot, they received their microchips and registered names.

We are happy to introduce: Barbwired Élégant, Éxtravaganza, Éspecial, and Escapèè

Boy 1:

ADBC5398-5FAB-4064-A684-CC2A084631CD B9BFC65B-A78A-4EB2-B880-1C11C9F1B731



Boy 2:

35CA280A-4CA7-4E2B-9D51-2943814CB39E C9C8885F-75CB-49A9-A0DA-9417F7CD247D


Boy 3:

CD59B4AA-851F-48D9-B886-EEAB38415031 84B810D7-DDC0-4680-AAD2-00535BF0A9DB


Boy 4:

3FCE747C-FCA4-4F45-A9BB-C1E6BD7DFF88 E1DABE1A-EFC7-4B52-A746-5BB69EC6538F

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