Barbwired Champagne new VDH-Europasieger 2017 & working trials in Germany

Liina freshly groomed 2016



Our very own miniature dachshund, Barbwired Champagne, spent 2 month training in Germany. While there we are happy to report that she successfully completed some very important dachshund aptitude tests: Schussfestigkeit (gun shyness), Spurlaut (rabbit trailing), and BhFK/95 (fox trial). These results already add to her Swedish blood tracking championship, showing that a pretty dog can still have the know-how to work.

Liina Sp 2017 Liina BhFK96



The icing on the cake to Liina’s successful trip to Germany came at the VDH-Europasieger Show in Dortmund, Germany, one of the biggest German shows of the year. From Champion class, Liina was Excellent 1 with VDH & DTK CACs and later went on to best female with CACIB and finally BOB out of 25 entered miniature wires!

VDH-ES BOB BOS and judge


Judge A. Küppenbender (DE), BOS (Elegance del Caroni) & BOB (Barbwired Champagne)


Liina and trophy Liina and I stand dortmund

Liina with her trophies, but tired and not amused to have to take photos  &    Liina and Julie in the ring

With these excellent results, Liina earned the title VDH- Europasieger 2017 and finished both her CIB & CIE! We are especially proud that with her limited showing in the past year, Liina earned 5x CACIBs from 4 countries, 4 x resCACIBs, CERTs/CACs from 6 countries, earned 9 champion titles and finished her international champion titles. Her working results are an additional great testament to this super little dog. We couldn’t be prouder of our kennel’s first bred miniature wire!

Big Congratulations to Julie and a big thank you to Joana and Dirk for helping with working trials.



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