Barbwired Bella Bambina new SEU(v)CH & SEVCH!

It was a busy week for Iita (Barbwired Bella Bambina) and Julie.

October 7th was a super windy day and definitely not fun to be out in the forest. Regardless of the conditions, Iita’s nose was working hard and she was awarded her 2nd, 1st prize in blood tracking!

Then on the 10th, Julie, Baxter, and Iita drove north to the Hallands Dachshund Club fall exhibition in Tvååker, Sweden. The results were great for our Barbwired dogs! 107 dogs were entered at the show and 27 of them were wirehaired standards.

Barbwired Better than the Rest “Baxter” (in Championclass) was Ex, CK, Best Male 2!

Barbwired Bella Bambina “Iita” (in Jaktclass) was Ex, CK, Best Female 3! (also Res-Cert if not for CH)



(Baxter on left and Iita on right)


As the CK in Jaktclass in Sweden counts similarly to the CERT in other countries, this result gave Iita a new title… Swedish Beauty Champion(SEU(v)CH)!

After a day of rest, Julie and Iita were back to the forest. The conditions were much better than the previous week and Iita showed that she knew what she was doing. She finished up her tracking career in Sweden with a 3rd, 1st prize and another new title… Swedish Blood Tracking Champion (SEVCH)!


It was a very busy few weeks for handler and dogs, but the results were well worth it! Iita will return home to Finland soon and is now a proud multichampion. Her new set of titles reads:

FICH, LTCH, LVCH, SEU(v)CH, SEVCH, WUTCH Barbwired Bella Bambina


Iita with her Swedish prizes

Thanks goes out to all of Iita’s judges: J. Nilsson, G. Hilborg, E.H. Ahlin, & J. Myrman. Additionally, a big thank you to Julie for being an excellent host and handler for Iita!


Baxter and Iita getting their beauty sleep on the couch… 19 Champion titles between these 2 siblings.

Iita & Baxter are from our “B” litter out of MultiCH/Winner Taxette’s Isla Margarita and MultiCH/Winner Apollo della Val Vezzeno

We are happy to report that 3 of the 5 “puppies” from this litter are now show and working Champions and have been awarded CACIB!

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