Hunting success from Viljo and Frank

There has been a lot of snow in Finland, but that isn’t keeping the Barbwired dogs from getting out and hunting! Already an experienced hunter, Barbwired Andau “Viljo” managed to bag 3 deer this weekend. Congrats Viljo and Janne! What a great start to the year!


Janne, Viljo, and their white-tailed deer

Not even 9 months old and Barbwired Commandant Cousteau “Frank” was out hunting in the thick snow this weekend. Driving for first 30 min, then almost 3 hrs in more than 15 cm of fresh snow. This week’s hunt resulted in a capricorn. It’s so great to have such nice results from a young dog. Good job Frank and his owners! Keep it up!

franks hunt

Great job boys!

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