Kennel Barbwired has a new Champion!


After a wonderful track earlier this month, Baxter took his final 1st prize in Open class blood tracking in Lövestad, Sweden on Sunday! Even with the distraction of a huge boar on the track at the 1/2 way point, Baxter pulled himself together, re-focused and got himself to the end of the track with great time of 25 min. This final result earned Baxter the title of Swedish Blood Tracking Champion (Svenska Viltspår Championat)!

Big Congratulations to the new Swedish Tracking Champion

*SEVCH*, LU-JCh, CH (SKG&SDC)-JCh, WUT-JCh Barbwired Better than the Rest


Many thanks to Görel Hilborg for judging Baxter’s final test and deeming him worthy of this title!

We are so proud of Simon & Baxter and the great work that they have done this year!!

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